The Challenges

Harley Sportster by MotoHero and his crew from Stile Italiano are based in Piano, Italy, and they’ve had their hands in every facet of the motorcycle industry. From sales and service to racing and restoration, Stile Italiano brings a distinct Italian passion to everything with two wheels.

That passion is evident in this custom Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200, the Bullet, which recently took home the Hot Bike trophy at the Verona Motor Bike Expo. Low, lean and undeniably sexy, this sculpted Sporty is actually a rigid framed ride. It looks deceiving but that asymmetric mounted, adjustable shock on the left side is only there to offer a touch of comfort for riders in full tuck. Clip-ons and a custom yoke keep the front end clean and continue the aggressive riding position.

Subtle touches like the machined rearsets balance nicely next to more obvious work, like that mid-mounted exhaust

Project Information

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