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SMK Derby RESCUE Helmet

Open face helmet in thermoplastic, made using the latest generation materials. It is available in trendy and retro colours, characterized by a peak sun visor, ideal for everyday use. It has an internal retractable Sun visor which is operated with a small gesture.


Derby Rescue GL130

Ece Certified

Internationally accepted, Maximum head injury protection during impact

Hypoallergenic Liner

Protects rider from allergies or infections arising from continuous contact with damp helmet liners due to extended riding or on hot/rainy days

Breathable Liner

Movement of air through the liners provides maximum comfort to the rider during extended usage

Quick Release Strap

Ease of operation for the rider or during any unfortunate impact


Absorbs and evaporates sweat faster from riders face, increasing comfort during extended usage

Uv Resistant Visor

Specially coated visor prevents UV degradation/fading, maintaining visibility over time

Removable Washable Liner

Ability to remove and clean the liners for maintaining freshness over time

Reinforced Strap

Prevents breakage of strap, providing maximum protection during any unfortunate impact

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